Problems with Sonos : Milano Lounge not available on Sonos and Tunein

Dear listeners,

some of you reported problems when trying to listen to Milano Lounge with a Sonos device via Tunein.

The funny thing is that the issue appears randomly on some connections only: for instance, one listener can listen from the office, but not from home.

Sonos informed me that the issue was due to Tunein. Tunein informed me that – from their side – everything seemed to work smoothly and they encountered no issues when checking.

Personally, I believe that this strange behaviour is due to the blocking by Tunein of some IPs in different geographical areas (Geo-Blocking), as Milano Lounge is authorized for Italy only.

This was done because Tunein lost a lawsuit with Warner and Sony, which took the app to London court for copyright violation.

To broadcast worldwide I should buy licenses from every Country of the world where I intend to broadcast…… With the same amount of money, I would rather buy a new flat.

Anyway, there might be some solutions to have Milano Lounge back.

By the way, thank you to all of you who listened to our Milano Lounge playlist on Spotify while unable to listen to the live station. Some of you told me the playlist was nice, but not like the real radio, which makes me very proud and proves my point that some human beings are still better in selecting music than the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) of the computers.

When I say that Milano Lounge comes from my heart, I really mean it, it’s not a slogan! And, I am very proud to have such attentive listeners, caring for the station.


  1. turn off your Sonos device, and unplug it for 1 minute
  2. turn off your WIFI Modem, and unplug it for 1 minute
  3. re-plug your WIFI Modem and turn it on
  4. when you have full Internet connection, re-plug your Sonos and turn it on
  5. Add Milano Lounge manually to Tunein

Suggestions from Sonos support website:

IP addresses of Milano Lounge are:



Can't listen to Milano Lounge with Sonos and Tunein? Read this article
Can’t listen to Milano Lounge with Sonos and Tunein? Read this article