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Dear listeners,

it’s been a long time since I last wrote on this Blog, you know, I have been very busy with my music but I haven’t forgotten Milano Lounge listeners. Behind the scene, as usual, I have been adding and removing songs to create an always changing music landscape. In my strive for improvement, I have also moved the station to LAUT.FM, which will be easier to manage, give a wider music choice and it’s free of charge for me. Yes, unfortunately, donations have been going down lately and I have to save what I can.

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Please take note of the new streaming address for Milano Lounge:

Player 1:

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“No Love” is the new release by Roberto Bocchetti, owner of Milano Lounge

Out now “No Love”, the latest single by Italian DJ & Producer Roberto Bocchetti, who is also the founder, owner and factotum of Milano Lounge 🙂

“No Love” is an EDM Chill Out instrumental ballad with dreamy and slightly melancholic atmospheres, very engaging, suitable for all hours.

The beat of the song is by Caffeine Production (on lic.), while the mix and the master were performed by Ettore Gilardoni at the Real Sound Studio in Milan, Italy.

“No Love” is Roberto’s second instrumental EDM track Chill Out, following the success of the previous single “The Vast Of Night”, which was highly appreciated overseas and surpassed 120,000 streams on Spotify.

"No Love" is the latest single by Italian DJ & Producer Roberto Bocchetti
“No Love” is the latest single by Italian DJ & Producer Roberto Bocchetti

Most requested songs on Milano Lounge – FREE DOWNLOAD

The Most Requested Songs on Milano Lounge are:

Ton In Ton – Under The Stars

Mr. Sun – Rewob

Synthetik Human – Distant Reflections

These songs are available for FREE DOWNLOAD from Jamendo and CCMixter.

Latest tracks added to Milano Lounge Radio Rotation

Dear listeners,

here are the latest tracks added to Milano Lounge Radio Rotation. I hope you’ll like them…..

tigabeats – Per Chance, Universe?

scOmBer – Smooth & Elegant

Rewob – Mr Sun

Darkroom – Blow Your Horn

J Lang – Life Is But A Dream

airtone – bluenotes

Milky Blue – Possibility

Apoxode – Sleeper

Gupho – Foresta (Milano Lounge Exclusive)

Gupho – Vai Piano (Milano Lounge Exclusive)

Roberto Bocchetti – Gran Canaria Instrumental (Milano Lounge Exclusive)

Milano Lounge is back on Tunein

Dear Listeners,

I am glad to inform you that Milano Lounge is back on Tunein, with the new streaming address.

Get Tunein and listen to Milano Lounge on any devices
Get Tunein and listen to Milano Lounge on any devices


Tunein is one of the most important platforms for listening to radio stations from all over the world.

With Tunein you can listen to over 120,000 stations (including Milano Lounge) on different devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, Smart TVs, X Box One consoles and in-car if you have an internet connected audio system.

Tunein adds some advertising when you connect to Milano Lounge, this is not our decision, because – as you probably know – Milano Lounge is commercial-free and financed by me and donations from listeners.


One of our listeners' stereo
One of our listeners’ stereo


Listen to our playlist Selezione 01 2021 on Spotify

Dear listeners,

I hope the year has started in the best way for you and your loved ones.

As for me, I am well and keeping myself busy by listening to a lot of music and choosing new songs to add to our general rotation on Milano Lounge.

If you want to have a preview of what’s coming up, listen to my playlist SELEZIONE 01 2021 on Spotify and, as usual, thank you for listening and for letting me know your thoughts..



New Resident DJ for Cafe Sol y Mar, welcome to Farib Alvarez

Dear listeners,

The Cafe Sol y Mar show, broadcast on Milano Lounge every Sunday at 18:00, has a new Resident DJ: Farib Alvarez.

I send a warm greeting and thanks to DJ Cliff West, who is leaving us for new adventures, and good luck for his business.

In the meantime, I would like to give my warmest welcome to Farib Alvarez, the new Resident DJ of Cafe Sol y Mar.

I am sure we’ll be listening to great music.