Recap of donations for Milano Lounge

THANK YOU! to all our listeners who sent a donation to support Milano Lounge. Even in these uncertain times, we keep playing the best selection of Chillout, Lounge, Deep House & Electronic Music, with FREE unlimited streaming on all devices.

GOAL FOR 2020 IS: 3,000 EURO



Hillel, Israel
Deborah, Arizona (USA)
Nikhil, ?
Michal, Prague (Czech Republic)
Malcolm, Sete (France)
Erik, Germany
Mehran, London (UK)
Rodolfo, ?
Vladimir, Kiev (Ukraine)
Nikolei, Wurzburg (Germany)
Eckhart, Germany
Dean, New York (USA)
Anton, Texas (USA)
Giovanni Edoardo, Lodi (Italy)
Menno, Netherlands
Rytis, Israel
Thomas, Wila (Switzerland)
Philipp, Langerringen (Germany)
Jurgen, Munich (Germany)
Gabriel, California (USA)
Maurine, ?
Tim, Nanton (Canada)
Dragos, Romania
Michael, Cologne (Germany)
Guy, North Carolina (USA)
Aurelio, Ontario (Canada)
Eric, Sceaux (France)
Aleksandar, London (UK)
Georg, Frankfurt Am Mein (Germany)
Hugo, San Rafael (Mexico)
Rafael, Texas (USA) x2
Tiziano e Stefania, Dolcetto Scherzetto, Albenga (SV), Italy
Alexander, Eichgraben (Austria)
Patrick, Brugge (Belgium)
Reto, Rothrist (Switzerland)
Fredrik, Nacka (Sweden)
Gunaseelan, Florida (USA)
Tom, Berlin (Germany)
Daniela, Baden Baden (Germany)
Tom , Graz (Austria)
Samifi International GmbH, Hamburg (Germany)
Maurizio, Bellinzago (NO)
Aleksandar, London (UK)
Klaus, Friedberg (Germany)


Restyling of Milano Lounge website

Dear listeners,

I am working on the restyling of Milano Lounge website. There are still some things to do (for instance, I still haven’t figured out how to change the link color, I want it to be dark blue not orange!) but the most important thing is that now – if you want – you can listen to Milano Lounge in a separate window, so that you can navigate the web and still listen to our great music.

Just click the “Listen / Ascolta” button, located at the top of the page.

I hope you like the new website and please, if you have the possibility, make a donation via PayPal to help me paying all the expenses to keep the station alive. Thank you.


Support Milano Lounge, make a donation with PayPal
Support Milano Lounge, make a donation with PayPal