New server and new stream for Milano Lounge


Unfortunately, a big fire destroyed an OVH data center in Strasbourg (France), including the new server.

Milano Lounge is on fire....... Literally
Milano Lounge is on fire……. Literally


Luckily, nobody was injured or killed, but the station was OFF. In a hurry, I had to set up a NEW-NEW SERVER (Oh no, not again!!!) with a different company and notify all apps and platforms of our new streaming address.

The new-new server has been set up THANKS TO THE GENEROSITY OF OUR LISTENERS, who made donations to help us.

I am so grateful for your donations, your words of encouragement, your worries that you couldn’t find the station anymore…..

Thank you again and keep listening to Milano Lounge to the NEW-NEW SERVER at this address:

Like a Phoenix, Milano Lounge rises again from ashes!

That means REBIRTH

With Love,



If possible, please help with a donation, thank you
If possible, please help with a donation, thank you


P.S. If you hear my voice on the radio telling you to visit , it means that you are not connected to the NEW-NEW SERVER 🙂


Milano Lounge Radio rises from ashes : REBIRTH --- Photo: WikiMedia Commons
Milano Lounge Radio rises from ashes : REBIRTH — Photo: WikiMedia Commons


Milano Lounge has moved to a new SSL stream, with a new powerful server and lots of room to accommodate all of our listeners….. and you are so many!!!

Yet, I hope that the audience can still grow in the future: the new server has the capacity to accommodate 1,000 simultaneous listeners. At the moment, there are between 400-500 listeners connected, so we are only at 50% capacity……..

Imagine: It’s like having a big room with 1,000 people inside, only that this room is online, which has become even more important after the Covid-19 problems.

We can virtually meet in a safe environment together, thanks to the music!

I’m very grateful that listeners of Milano Lounge are creating a real community online: you are so attentive and I love when you send me messages, pics or videos of you or your family/friends listening to Milano Lounge.

Also, thank you for your donations via PayPal and for your suggestions, many of which I implemented on the radio channel, although I can’t not reveal my “secret formula” for obvious reasons….

Ahahaha there is no secret formula, I am only putting my heart into it, just like you!





Last updated on: 15th March 2021

Dear listeners,

many of you have contacted me because, after I moved Milano Lounge to the new server, they couldn’t find the station anymore.

Thanks for all your enquiries.

Here you can find some easy solutions to continue to listen to Milano Lounge.

  3. Works with all devices

  2. Already updated to the NEW SERVER
  3. Download from Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS)
  4. Free versions add pre-roll annoying advertising before connecting to the station

  2. Already updated to the NEW SERVER
  3. Download from Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS)

  2. Already updated to the NEW SERVER
  3. Download from Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS)

  2. NOT Updated to the NEW SERVER
  3. Download from Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS)


other radio directories have been notified and they will (hopefully) change the stream address soon.


IF you hear my voice telling you to visit,



Live online streaming



Situation after the fire of 10 March 2021

Dear listeners,

after the fire that destroyed a datacenter in Strasbourg and put our station OFF, the situation looks really bad. Our provider still doesn’t know if/when the service will be restored. Apparently, it will take more than 7 days.

For this reason, I have moved the station to a new server (Oh no, not again!). The new server has a capacity for 2,500 simultaneous listeners (the previous one had 1,000) so, if no accidents happen, it will be more than enough for all our listeners.

This is the NEW STREAM ADDRESS for Milano Lounge:

If you want to listen to Milano Lounge with your favourite media player, please use these links:

Winamp, iTunes

Windows Media Player

Real Player




A big fire destroyed the servers of Milano Lounge Radio

Hello everybody,

unfortunately, last night a serious fire devastated the building that houses the OVH data centers in Strasbourg, on which the Milano Lounge Radio broadcast servers also depend.

last night a serious fire devastated the building that houses the OVH data centers, on which the Milano Lounge Radio broadcast servers also depend
last night a serious fire devastated the building that houses the OVH data centers, on which the Milano Lounge Radio broadcast servers also depend

For this reason, the radio is currently not reachable from any platform

I have activated a temporary link for listeners who want to continue to listen to Milano Lounge Radio:

If you want to make a donation to help rebuild, here’s the PayPal link:

Support Milano Lounge, make a donation with PayPal
Support Milano Lounge, make a donation with PayPal

Thank you all for your help,


A non-commercial radio model, against FM stations and social networks

Dear Listeners,

I can’t cope with social networks anymore. They are time consuming and I have decided to spend that time for selecting good music for you, instead of on social networks.

Plus, I do not like their commercial policy. This is completely the opposite of what I am. I think that advertising is killing also FM radios in Italy, with 20 minutes of ad every hour, not to mention that in the other 40 minutes you’ll listen only to the same songs sponsored by majors and useless blah blah blah of djs.

For me, advertising is also killing social networks, with an ad coming up every 2-3 posts, not to mention that i am now getting ads also on Whatsapp and Messenger. This is really too invasive, and this is not the way I would like the future world to be.

Milano Lounge is my personal radio station, created for the pleasure of sharing my favourite music with other people, and my idea is to do something completely different from FM radios.

At the moment, there are 1,115 tracks in the day rotation, with songs repeating every 3 days, always in a different order, plus 485 tracks in the night rotation, with songs repeating every 2 days (in different order).

It is not a financial empire or a corporation, and you donations are really helpful when I need to pay licenses and other monthly fees to keep the radio online. If you wish to make a donation, here is the link for PayPal:

Please let me know what you think, you can email me at

Thank you,


Saturday 13 February 2021 : World Radio Day

Proclaimed in 2011 by the Member States of UNESCO, and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 as an International Day, February 13 became World Radio Day (WRD).

Radio is a powerful medium for celebrating humanity in all its diversity and constitutes a platform for democratic discourse.

At the global level, radio remains the most widely consumed medium.

This unique ability to reach out the widest audience means radio can shape a society’s experience of diversity, stand as an arena for all voices to speak out, be represented and heard.

Radio stations should serve diverse communities, offering a wide variety of programs, viewpoints and content, and reflect the diversity of audiences in their organizations and operations.

Listen to our playlist Selezione 01 2021 on Spotify

Dear listeners,

I hope the year has started in the best way for you and your loved ones.

As for me, I am well and keeping myself busy by listening to a lot of music and choosing new songs to add to our general rotation on Milano Lounge.

If you want to have a preview of what’s coming up, listen to my playlist SELEZIONE 01 2021 on Spotify and, as usual, thank you for listening and for letting me know your thoughts..



Happy New Year

Hi everyone,

I can’t find a less obvious way to wish HAPPY 2021 to all the listeners of Milano Lounge.

During this strange year, the community of listeners proved to be very attached to the station, writing to me often to report malfunctions or songs to add / remove to the programming.

You are very attentive listeners and this makes me really happy. I’d like to get to know you one by one, but there are so many of you.

Just think that Milano Lounge has closed 2020 with 747,561 unique listeners, from all over the world.

The TOP countries have been:

  1. Switzerland
  2. Germany
  3. Italy
  4. France
  5. United States
  6. Canada
  7. Australia
  8. Sweden
  9. Russian Federation
  10. Belgium

That said, although I can claim figures that not many online station can claim, I have decided not to get trapped in the “war of numbers”.

After all, Milano Lounge is a non-profit personal web radio, which I created for the pleasure of sharing my favorite music with listeners.

It is not a commercial web radio that has to follow a different model, putting advertising to survive and choosing songs based on pressure from record companies.

In this moment, as I do radio for the sole pleasure of doing it, it makes no sense to look at the total number of listeners, I prefer to look at their quality and develop a personal relationship.

It’s also interesting for me to see if this “no advertising” model (with the station funded by me and listeners) can stand the test of time, or it is not viable in 2021.

Still happy new year and please continue to support Milano Lounge with your listening and your donations.


Recap of donations 2020

THANK YOU! to all our listeners who sent a donation to support Milano Lounge. Even in these uncertain times, we keep playing the best selection of Chillout, Lounge, Deep House & Electronic Music, with FREE unlimited streaming on all devices.

GOAL FOR 2020 IS: 3,000 EURO



Hillel, Israel
Hi Roberto, Thank God I have returned to listen to your best radio after all this mess, and today I heard that I can contribute to your work. So it is not much but in the future, if I can I will support you. All the best and take care. Sincerely yours Hillel 
Deborah, Arizona (USA)
Nikhil, ?
Michal, Prague (Czech Republic)
Malcolm, Sete (France)
Erik, Germany
Mehran, London (UK)
Rodolfo, ?
Vladimir, Kiev (Ukraine)
Nikolei, Wurzburg (Germany)
Eckhart, Germany
Dean, New York (USA)
Anton, Texas (USA)
Giovanni Edoardo, Lodi (Italy)
Menno, Netherlands
Rytis, Israel
Thomas, Wila (Switzerland)
Philipp, Langerringen (Germany)
Jurgen, Munich (Germany)
Gabriel, California (USA)
Maurine, ?
Hello! Thanks for your music channel. Great songs we can enjoy all day long, even more now we are stuck at home. Stay safe and keep feeding our ears with your music selection.
Tim, Nanton (Canada)
Dragos, Romania
Michael, Cologne (Germany)
Thank you for the great music!! Greetings from Cologne. Michael
Guy, North Carolina (USA)
Aurelio, Ontario (Canada)
Eric, Sceaux (France)
I love your radio !
Aleksandar, London (UK)
Georg, Frankfurt Am Mein (Germany)
Hugo, San Rafael (Mexico)
Rafael, Texas (USA) x3
Tiziano e Stefania, Dolcetto Scherzetto, Albenga (SV), Italy x2
Alexander, Eichgraben (Austria)
Patrick, Brugge (Belgium)
Reto, Rothrist (Switzerland)
Fredrik, Nacka (Sweden)
Gunaseelan, Florida (USA)
Tom, Berlin (Germany)
Thank you very much Grazie mille per la tua musica del cuore! Sono Thomas di berlino e ascolto volontieri il tuo stazione su tune in. Continua così!
Daniela, Baden Baden (Germany)
Georg , Graz (Austria)
Ciao Roberto, Grazie per la tua grande musica! Stay safe 🙂 Georg di Graz, Austria
Samifi International GmbH, Hamburg (Germany)
Maurizio, Bellinzago (NO)
Romuald, Epinal (France)
The Best Radio Lounge ❤️ Thank you !! 😍
Aleksandar, London (UK)
Klaus, Friedberg (Germany)
Giuseppe (Malta)
Giuseppe, Asti (Italy)
Silviu (Ireland)
Brian, Chicago, IL (USA)
Thank you for the music. We listen to a lot of different music stations and services, but yours is our absolute favorite. Keep chillin’!
Michaela, Zürich (Switzerland)
Lars, Sinsheim (Germany)
Philippe, Coppet (Switzerland)
I like your programm so much ! Thanks a lot.
Jeroen, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Keep on the music. Greetings from The Netherlands – Utrecht
Holger, Halsbach (Germany)
Andreas, Hofheim (Germany)
Darius, Cambridge (UK)
Bravo Roberto! I am Darius from Cambridge. You are talented!
Udo, Monchengladbach (Germany)
Melanie, UK
Thank you for making Milano Lounge available to us. Love listening to this station especially when we are having a chilled out morning at home. Wishing you a good day!
Dragos, Laval (Canada)
Hi I’m from Montreal Canada and I listen every day you are the best I’m a big fan of this type of music . Thank you and keep up like this !
Gazaros, ?
Thnx for the great Music💪🏼🇮🇹❤️
Vladimir, London (UK)
Listen to you from London, best station in the world as far as I’m concerned. Best, Vladimir
Henning, Hamburg (Germany)
Great station, I enjoy it a lot. Thank You!
Sebastian, Grosshansdorf (Germany)
Best internet radio, keep up good work!
Dalida, Essex (UK)
Anthony, Ontario (Canada)
Thanks for providing great music, Collingwood Ontario
Emmanuel, Peronnes-Les-Antoingz (Belgium)
Rupert, Oldenburg (Germany)
Michael, ?
Zoltan, Budapest (Hungary)
Albert, Ipswich (UK)
Listening to you helps me (74) be upbeat during these difficult times. Thanks. Plus I hate ads!
Andreas, Germany
great music, I aged 65, hear your station always. Pls continue. Andreas
Michael, USA
Saluti dagli Stati Uniti! Grazie per Milano Lounge Radio. Mi piace molto.
Matthias, Germany
You are our hero of the evening
Valerio, Italy
Un piccolo contributo per la magnifica musica che metti.
Ernst, Wien (Austria)
Franco, Italy
Martin, Lausanne (Switzerland)
Sandra, ?
Marcel, UK
Frances, USA
Alexander, Germany
Bodo, Germany
Henning, Hamburg (Germany)
Thank you Roberto – Go on like this – You do a beautiful selection with clear quality of sound – It evokes good spirit in me every day.
Tcbnl, Netherlands
Keep up the good work Roberto! Greetz from the Netherlands
Domenico, Italia
Grazie per la tua musica Roberto. Ciao. Domenico
Paolo, Italia
Michael, Switzerland
Wilbert, France
Thanks for the great music, we listen to your station all day! greetings from France, Wilbert
Fabio, Italia
Gary, ?
Eric, France
Maurice, Switzerland
Valérie, ?
Adriano, Lausanne (Switzerland)
Garry, Melbourne (Australia)
Aleksandar, Germany
Marcus, Germany



If you want to help Milano Lounge stay commercial-free, please consider making a donation via PayPal. Thank you.

Support Milano Lounge, make a donation with PayPal
Support Milano Lounge, make a donation with PayPal

Just Jazz is the new show on Milano Lounge. Welcome to Steve Hart

Hi everyone,

I would like to give my warmest welcome to Steve Hart, who – from January 2nd 2021 – will keep us company with his show JUST JAZZ, every Saturday at 20:00 on Milano Lounge.

JUST JAZZ is on Milano Lounge
JUST JAZZ is on Milano Lounge

JUST JAZZ features a harmonious mix of new and popular jazz tunes, there’s the Cool Cut of the Week, listener requests … Plus there’s Steve’s chatty commentary, occasional artist interviews, fun quizzes and the experience work that his ‘helper’ Tarquin adds to the mix (when he shows up).

Steve Hart hosts JUST JAZZ
Steve Hart hosts JUST JAZZ

As for Steve Hart, I love his self-mockery of introducing himself:

Steve is the conductor of Just Jazz. He is a writer, a VO artist (voice over) and he created this website using snippets of old code that he found in a ZX Spectrum.

He is a frustrated pianist, former professional club DJ and radio presenter who managed to entertain British club goers with his choice of music and nonsense until big corporations took over in the 1990s.

Yes, it’s him. If you were dancing to handbags at the best clubs in Essex and Kent in the 1980s and early 1990s, well … you might have seen Steve on the DJ booth at clubs in Southend-on-Sea like Zhivago’s, The Zero 6, High Society, Electric Blue, and Basildon’s iconic The Sam Lords (now an apartment building).

In Kent he was resident DJ at Neros 2000 (Ramsgate), Woody’s (Isle of Sheppy) and Oceans II (Hythe).

He was a Radio Top Shop presenter in the 1980s, volunteered at Southend Hospital Radio, did the breakfast show at Basildon Radio (now Gateway) and enjoyed working shifts in BBC Essex and Essex Radio newsrooms in the 1990’s.

He had a short stand-up period (until he was asked to sit down), and you may have seen him on Channel 4 TV (like interference).

He has hosted the 80’s club music show The Pleasuredome for three years and records his shows in a broom closet using an avant-garde blend of wooden boxes, cords, pieces of wire and rubber bands.

Steve currently lives in New Zealand and would kill for a pint in an old English pub served with Cumberland sausage and chips.

Oh, and a traditional English tea cake … and the pecan cake Iceland sold wouldn’t go bad either.

He is the author of the 10-copy book “Podcasting Made Easy” and the science fiction short “Mayan and The Legion of Alice”, available in paperback, audiobook, E-Pub and Kindle. He heard himself say: “Is it on?” He will never say “Download my app”.

Happy listening with Milano Lounge!