A non-commercial radio model, against FM stations and social networks

Dear Listeners,

I can’t cope with social networks anymore. They are time consuming and I have decided to spend that time for selecting good music for you, instead of on social networks.

Plus, I do not like their commercial policy. This is completely the opposite of what I am. I think that advertising is killing also FM radios in Italy, with 20 minutes of ad every hour, not to mention that in the other 40 minutes you’ll listen only to the same songs sponsored by majors and useless blah blah blah of djs.

For me, advertising is also killing social networks, with an ad coming up every 2-3 posts, not to mention that i am now getting ads also on Whatsapp and Messenger. This is really too invasive, and this is not the way I would like the future world to be.

Milano Lounge is my personal radio station, created for the pleasure of sharing my favourite music with other people, and my idea is to do something completely different from FM radios.

At the moment, there are 1,115 tracks in the day rotation, with songs repeating every 3 days, always in a different order, plus 485 tracks in the night rotation, with songs repeating every 2 days (in different order).

It is not a financial empire or a corporation, and you donations are really helpful when I need to pay licenses and other monthly fees to keep the radio online. If you wish to make a donation, here is the link for PayPal:


Please let me know what you think, you can email me at musclerob@gmail.com

Thank you,